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Steepwood Bungalow, Adversane Lane, Billinghurst
West Sussex
United Kingdom

Chimney Re-Pointng in Chichester, West Sussex

Case study showing our work on a complex pamment floor in a timber framed house in South Nutfield, Surrey.

Chimney Re-pointing - Chichester

This chimney in Chichester had suffered from erosion due to time and weather. Later interventions includes the introduction of cementitious mortar and the replacement of the chimney pots with flue liners.

We raked out the loose and badly eroded old lime and cementitious mortar, re-placed broken and spalled bricks with matched reclaimed bricks, matched new non-hydraulic lime mortar and re-pointed using the original "penny struck" form.

We removed the chimney liner from the top of the chimney and commissioned three new chimney pots to be made, which we fitted and flaunched around to weather in and secure.

The work we carried out here will preserve the chimney for many years and will have restored the former skyline.