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Steepwood Bungalow, Adversane Lane, Billinghurst
West Sussex
United Kingdom

Timber Frame Gable End Repair in Charlwood, Surrey

Case study about our work on an 17th century timber framed building gable end repair in Charlwood, Surrey.

gable end repair - charlwood

From a distance it was not possible to see the deterioration of the timbers in this gable end of this c1620 2 bay cottage with later cross wing, However, due to concerns raised by the owner, we then carried out a condition survey which, on close inspection and with the aid of a metal probe we were able to determine that many of the timbers were very seriously decayed. Following our conservation principles we removed the minimum of historic timber and spliced in new timber to reinstate the gables structural integrity and aesthetic appearence on this early c17 cottage. to prevent further decay we dug a french drain all the way along the front of the cottage. After completion we produced a 'Post remedial report' for the owners so that they could provide information to the local authorty and future owners.