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Historic Building Interpretations for Planning or Grant Applications

Commission a research study on your historic building for a planning application or grant application.


A Historical Building Interpretation is a research study of the building, drawing on documentary investigation and evaluation of architectural stylistic details to produce a written report that describes the buildings social, architectural and historical development.

The interpretation or recording of a building may be undertaken for many reasons however, the results of which can have a significant influence on both management and planning decisions but may also provide much valuable and interesting information. An interpretation may be for interest in a building’s past or form part of a preparation for an historic building assessment for submission with a planning application or grant application. It may be in connection with research into genealogy or be part of an environmental impact assessment or as a detailed analysis for the purposes of managing, repairing or augmentation of a building.

Whatever the reason for a buildings interpretation, we believe that a good understanding of the building and its history is an essential starting point. We carry out detailed surveys on a wide range of historic buildings from rural barns and cottages to city factories. We interrogate local documentary records, take photographs and make measured drawings; this provides information about the buildings design, construction, function, evolution and context, to enable us to identify and interpret the buildings architectural features and analyse the building in terms of its history and regional and chronological context, ultimately producing a written report, setting out the findings in a logical, easy to read format.

Prices from £750 + VAT to include presentation style format of this document.