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Historic Building Condition Survey Reports & Assessments

Find out about our verbal, simple and detailed written historic building condition report services. 

Historic Building Condition Reports

Condition reports can be specific to a timber, an elevation or an entire building. They are the culmination of many hours of work, that produces information about the buildings current condition and helps us provide you with the best possible remedial solutions.

Why do we undertake condition reports?

We create reports for a number of reasons, but for the main part it may be prompted by concern over some aspect of the building.

Reports however, can influence planning and grant applications, it can form part of environmental impact assessment or provide detailed analysis for the purposes of managing, repairing or augmenting the building.

It can also help owners understand their building and make informed decisions about its future.

We offer 3 differing levels of condition reporting; Verbal, simple and detailed written reports.

1. VERBAL Condition reports

This is the least detailed, least accurate and has no considered repair scheme. We simply identify areas of concern, make a note and verbally convey them to you at the end of the survey.

Prices from £200 plus VAT.

2. SIMPLE WRITTEN condition reports

This is a written document that lists only the main defects, but proposes a repair scheme for each timber or area of concern based upon a considered individual repair strategy.

The report we produce, sets out our findings in a logical and easy to read format.

Prices from £300 for the first elevation and from £100 for subsequent elevations. plus VAT.

3. DETAILED WRITTEN condition reports

This is the most detailed report, that employs thorough visual and physical investigation to describe all of the timbers, both primary structural and secondary and gives a detailed description of all areas of concern and proposes a repair scheme for each part that considers the following principals;


* The position of the timber within the frame.

* Structural forces applied to the timber component or joint.

* The flexibility required of the joint or timber member.

* The historic features found (i.e. disused mortises etc.)

Timber components and other fabrics

* Character of the building.

* Longevity of the repair.

* Its historic value (age, rarity etc.)

* The amount of material being removed.

* The effectiveness of the repair, structurally and visually.

* Environment of the repair.

* The visibility of the repair in the finished building

* Use of the building once restored to original function or upgraded for new use.

This report would include:

* A detailed, scaled drawing of each elevation being surveyed, where each area of concern is highlighted with a key to indicate what form the concern takes.

* Where necessary it will contain annotated photographs and drawings to clearly indicate observations and methodology of repair.

* There would be a structural analysis of each component before proposing a repair scheme.

* The descriptions include observations of any historical features.

* It will contain as much historical information about the building that we can determine from the elevations we survey.

Prices from £720 for the first elevation and £640 for each subsequent elevation, plus VAT.

Contact us to commission a historic building condition report.