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Steepwood Bungalow, Adversane Lane, Billinghurst
West Sussex
United Kingdom

Open Hall Front Elevation Repair in Peaslake, Surrey

Case study showing our work on a complete restoration of a front elevation of this home in Peaslake, Surrey

Peaslake Open Hall

We were charged with removing and re=placing the cementitious mortar render on the front elevation of what we knew was a very old cottage. However, after removing the render we found that almost the entire original elevation was still present and in a remarkably good condition. After discussions with the owner and conservation officers the decision was made to repair the original fabric rather than cover with another render.  It was such a joy and a privilege to be able to work on such an interesting building, to find six hundred, year old wattle and daub, with smoke blackening from when it was an open hall was amazing! It is the best part of the job to gradually see a beautiful house re appear, after many, many years concealed behind ugly render.It is incredible how a simple product like daub, can produce such a excellent finish and it is really great to work with, just mud and sticks, but  now the exterior is set to potentially last another six hundred years. Once the leaded lights were repaired, then then all that is needed is for the owners to decide on the colour for the new lime wash, then the transformation will be complete and the ugly duckling will once more be a swan,